Monday, March 10, 2008

Making the Switch to WordPress

So I decided to go ahead and switch my blog to WordPress. It had nothing to do with the hype or anything, I just decided to check it out and I really liked all the features and extras it provided plus it really gives you a lot of control over your blog. Blogger was starting to feel like "Fisher Price's My First Blog" and I was just wanting something more.

I'm still working on getting it set up because it is not as intuitive as Blogger and I can't figure out how to get some of the things from my Blogger page transferred over. I'll probably be asking for a lot of help in the near future.

Of course I could always decide to switch back if I don't like it but I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

Here's the link:

Bryan L

Best Trilogy Ever?

So I was think what was the best trilogy ever. My vote would be the X-Men trilogy. As a big fan of the comic book I was really impressed with the movies and thought they were cool all the way to the last one and that each seemed to improve on the previous one in important ways.

So what would your vote before for the best Trilogy? Yes you can split the Star Wars movies if you want. And if you're even having trouble after that you can pick a trilogy out of a series that had more than 3 but it has to be in succession and only 3.


Kung Fu Hustle

All this talk about fighting a bunch of 5 year olds reminded me of this clip from the movie Kung Fu Hustle. I don't know about you but I love Kung Fu movies and I thought "Kung Fu Hustle" was really cool.

Bring it On!!

In a fight with a bunch of 5 year olds I would so totally kick their ***; and gladly!
: )

I could take on 30. How 'bout you?


HT: Jeremy Z.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hey, I Want to Do it Too!

Well heck I didn't know we could to do our own "Why I don't Read Your Blog". But after seeing Nick and Lingamish do it I think I want to join in on the fun (without being as long as Michael Spencer's was).

1.) Because you're mean, arrogant and rude to those you disagree with: Is it so hard to ask for some charity and civility among Christian bloggers? I won't even go near your side of the blogsphere. I just feel dirty and gross when I leave.

2.) Because you seem narrow and close minded: I'm in it for the discussion and interesting back and forth and if you think you've already got it figured out and that you're going to teach everyone else a thing or two about how they're wrong, then no thanks. I'm not interested.

3.) Because you're a bad writer: You're incoherent, you ramble, your sentences go on forever and I can't figure out what you're getting at and what your points are. Hey I know this is the pot calling the kettle black but I didn't say I liked that about my blog.

4.) Your titles don't interest me and your first paragraphs don't draw me in: I've got a lot of blog posts to read and I don't have time to figure out I'm not interested in what your writing
until I've gotten half way through your post.

5.) You're posts are too long: I already have enough books to read. If you want me to read your monograph then get published. There's already way too much information on the internet.

6.) I'm not interested in what your writing about: This is pretty much a duh. I got into blogging because I wanted to talk to people who were also into biblical studies and theology and if you're not primarily writing on that I'm not interested.

7.) You don't respond to comments: At least acknowledge the people who have commented on your blog even if you don't have a lot of time to interact with them.

8.) You post mainly about your family and friends: Some of it here and there is fine but overall I'm not that interested in seeing pictures of people I don't know.

9.) You don't post often enough: You've got to keep me interested. You can't expect me to read you when you only post 2 times a month.

10.) You're not original: You don't have your own voice and the only things you post are links everyone else has already posted.


It Always Rains Doesn't It

You know, Rob Bell gets a lot of criticism and bad press from certain conservative and fundamentalist circles of the church. They think he preaches against the trinity and the virgin birth and other stuff like that, and that he leads people into heresy (or at least unorthodoxy). I've never read his book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith which I guess is where many get the idea that he does teach against those things or show that they aren't important to the Christian faith. But when I read the relevant sections of that book (through Amazon book search) I got a feeling that he was addressing a different issue than what his critics were saying. I won't gointo that now although maybe I will another time (I realized that I often don't follow up when I say I will. my bad).

Anyway I recently saw some criticism of his Nooma video series saying basically how they were shallow and devoid of any real theological substance. Now as I stated I've never really looked into Bell or understood what the big fuss was but I decided to check out his videos to see what they were talking about. The following is the first one I checked out and to my surprise I really liked it and found that it really ministered to me. So I thought I would post it in case you've never seen Rob Bell or have wondered what he's all about or what the fuss is over.

What I particularly like about the video is his conversational style. You feel like he's talking right to you and that it is completely natural and mostly unscripted (which it most likely is not). The production on the videos are just overall really good. Thanks to all the criticism of Bell I actually have become kind of a fan. Ironic huh.

Anyway the video is called "Rain"

Why Michael Spencer Doesn't Read Your Blog

Michael Spencer posted 10 Reasons Why I Don't Read Your Blog. There's some really good stuff in there so go read it.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bauckham at SWBTS??

Celucien mentioned Richard Bauckham was giving 3 lectures at SWBTS on the topic of his book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony. I thought this was great as I really enjoyed the book and would like to be able to have some video lectures on it to refresh me on the main arguments.

But something came to mind when I noticed Bauckham was giving these lectures: the fact that they were being given at SWBTS. When a place like SWBTS that is known to be very conservative invites someone like Richard Bauckham to give 3 lectures that makes you take notice. Why him? Why now? (Especially when you consider how often they invite people like Bauckham to give lectures there) And the fact that it just so happens to be on this book that caused quite a stir at the last SBL for various reasons looks even more... interesting.

I think this is indicative of something that may give other scholars an uneasy feeling about Bauckham's work in that it appears that it will be co-opted into serving apologetic purposes by people who are not really interested in Biblical Scholarship or the conversation that Bauckham's book is a part of but instead just want to use his book as a defense against those things. And I don't know that something like this will help to dispel that impression.

Either way I would just hate to see Bauckham's book get pushed aside or miss out on the hearing it should get in NT studies because some scholars see it as just serving Christian apologetic purposes. In the future I would really like to see more studies that come out from both sides of the spectrum of NT studies that take into account Bauckham's thesis and develop it further (or show why it shouldn't be).

Anyway that just came to mind. Anyone else get that feeling when they saw this?

Bryan L

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Re: Jesus Loves You

Celucien L. Joseph posted this video that was pretty hilarious (I laughed out loud) but very profound and insightful in the way it shows the weakness of how we present the Gospel and people's perception of it.

Bryan L

Disclaimer: If after watching it you are offended, consider the perspective it is coming from.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New M. Night Shyamlan Movie

Speaking of movies I was perusing the Apple Movie Trailers site and I saw that M. Night Shyamlan has a new movie coming out with Mark Wahlberg called The Happening.

I love Shyamalan's movies and I think Wahlberg is a great actor.

This looks like it will continue in the vein of The Village and Signs (two of my favorite movies) putting you in the vantage point of people experiencing the unknown and feeling like you are experiencing it with them. I love the way those movies make you think and question what it would feel like if that happened to you. That's probably why I liked Cloverfield so much.

Anyway check out the trailer if you get a chance.